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Why Should You Use A Bluetooth Mobile Credit Card Reader?

The world of business has gone mobile these days, with the majority of consumers making purchases using their mobile devices. To compete in today’s highly competitive environment, businesses must adopt reliable mobile payment solutions. Nearly 50% of customers do not carry cash; instead, many pay for goods and services with a credit or debit card. Therefore, investing in a mobile credit card reader is necessary, so you don’t miss out on a sale. Mobile card readers turn your smartphone or tablet into a credit card swiper. Mobile card readers have revolutionized ways of making and accepting credit card payments in the service industry. The most obvious advantage of a mobile credit card reader is its mobility. The mobile card reader allows mobile businesses to take payments just about anywhere. It is a convenient alternative to checks for on-the-go transactions. 

Today, very few people carry checkbooks meaning a bluetooth enabled mobile card reader is the way to go. Taking your payments on a bluetooth mobile device will save you time and allow your business to be more flexible. A mobile card reader works best for a wide range of businesses, including automotive businesses, tow trucks, taxis, food trucks, contractors etc. 

A mobile card reader eliminates keying in credit card numbers over the phone, which is not only unprofessional, but also costly. Swiping with a mobile device helps to save money and adds a professional touch to taking payments. Mobile credit card readers offer ultimate convenience as they are controlled through an easy-to-use application on your Android or Apple device.

Benefits Of A Bluetooth Mobile Credit Card Reader
  • Added Security

With just about everything going digital these days, the importance of security and data privacy cannot be overstated. When you compare taking payments with devices that attach directly to your phone and receiving payments on a bluetooth-enabled mobile card reader, you’ll find that the latter comes with more advantages. A bluetooth mobile card swiper has all the necessary security features to protect you and your customers against fraud. The transaction is completed on your smartphone or tablet, so no receipts containing sensitive information. Taking payments on a mobile card reader reduces the possibility of fraud and chargebacks. Today, customers prefer businesses that offer quick and efficient mobile processing solutions. Incorporating a mobile card reader into your business allows you to retain customers and attract new ones.  

  • More Sales Opportunities

With competition becoming competitive in business, you do not want to miss an opportunity to make a sale because of an unreliable mobile processing system. A free mobile credit card reader allows businesses to make sales from on-the-go customers. Unlike traditional modes of payment that limit your business, a mobile card reader allows you to make sales and process credit card payments at any location that isn’t typically set up for credit card payments. The unattached free bluetooth reader presents businesses with limitless opportunities for growth.

Mobile Convenience 
  • Convenience

A free mobile card reader is more convenient than a device that attaches directly to your phone, and less of a liability.  You can process payments in a matter of minutes, and you can even include a tip option on your mobile device. If you run a business, you need to invest in a mobile card reader for purposes of quicker and more convenient processing.  A bluetooth mobile card swiper helps to reduce the queues of people waiting to make payments. For businesses such as food trucks and tow trucks, a bluetooth mobile card swiper allows customers to pay on the go. Customers prefer a payment option that offers great security and convenience. 

  • Faster Payment Process

Mobile card readers eliminate cash flow problems typical in checks, paper-based invoices, and cash. This form of payment is faster because money flows from the buyer’s account to the seller’s. The bluetooth credit card reader is also easy to use. Getting started is easy as you only need to pair the credit card reader with your smartphone or tablet and start transacting. 

  • Bluetooth Capabilities 

Devices that attach directly to your phone increase the possibility of damaging the reader. This is an inconvenience and can cost your business a lot of money purchasing new devices. With the unattached free credit card reader, you’ll never have to worry about damaged mobile hardware. If you’re taking payments from customers, a bluetooth mobile credit card swiper eliminates the problem of possible bounced checks. Unlike paper-based invoices, which can take days or weeks to complete payments, with a free bluetooth credit card terminal, transactions happen in seconds hence saving businesses a lot of time. 


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