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Wells Fargo Business Loan

The coronavirus (COVID-19) broke out last year in the Wuhan province in China affecting thousands of people across the globe, shutting down of large and small businesses, people losing their jobs, affecting the world’s largest and strongest economies and on the other hand affecting the world’s smallest economies too, rise in job cuts and above all affecting the global economy.  With the World Health Organization declaring it as a global pandemic, this has seen a sharp fall of small businesses and some even went out of business, to some extent. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected small businesses both economically and in the area of employment. It’s not a surprise to see how small businesses are struggling to cope with this pandemic considering the chain of businesses wholesalers, retailers, and the consumers. China, where the virus broke out last year is one of the world’s leading productions of goods, technology and other essentials in the global trade. Apple, Amazon, McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, and all other billion dollars companies are being affected. Considering that these giant companies lose a huge amount of money and cut jobs to stay afloat, small businesses on the other hand will definitely lose - shut down of business or massive pay cuts on employees or job loss, because they won’t be able to handle it financially. Smaller businesses in this pandemic can’t afford to be on the ropes, if they do, they would possibly dissolve or look for favorable business loans to keep the business running.  As the COVID-19 is rapidly increasing and affecting small businesses, it’s sure that these small businesses will be flocking the banks for loans to keep them afloat. The alternative for traditional small business loans should be convenient to the business seeking the loan and not where the loan is coming from. For this reason, fundomate  have made it easier, quicker, accessible, and more convenient for smaller businesses to secure loans and cash advances they’ve been looking for to keep their businesses afloat.  Not during just tough times (COVID-19), but also when they need it. Our revenue based business funding program is worth considering when you’re evaluating options for a small business loan. With a fully automated, simplified application & qualification process, it provides offers that are designed for business growth and that actually work for your business. 

 Why Fundomate?

Aside from cash advance, Fundomate offers alternative funding options. Their line of credit alternative allows merchants to get access to funding up to $500,000. Fundomate makes it easy for just about any business to qualify for a cash advance at any time without bureaucratic ways, unlike Wells Fargo Business Loans, if you’ve declared bankruptcy within the last 10 years, the bank will unlikely to extend you credit and you’ll need to have been profitable for the last two years. Fundomate strives to offer a fair lending experience to support small and medium-sized businesses to achieve growth, unlike conventional lenders like Wells Fargo Business Loans that requires extensive paperwork, a low degree of flexibility, and businesses with revenue problems will probably have a hard time meeting  their requirements, Fundomate makes business loans accessible to small and medium business owners. Fundomate understands that small and medium-sized businesses need a flexible lender when no other method works for them. Applying will not affect your credit score, unlike conventional lenders like Wells Fargo Business Loans, your credit score must be at 640. The good thing about getting cash advance from Fundomate is that their funding program gives applicants a competitive rate and and the option to pay off loans early. This flexibility allows small and medium-sized business owners to focus on the core of their business and mainly helps them to stay afloat, and striving during good or bad times.

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