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Retail Checkout POS


In today’s technological age, businesses are required to adopt technologically advanced solutions to compete in the retail industry. With the retail landscape becoming highly competitive, every business that wants to thrive needs an advanced POS system. No matter the type of business you run, you need a  POS to save money, streamline business operations, and improve customer service. Usually, retail businesses waste a lot of time correcting human errors and fail to consolidate reports due to lacking an effective custom POS system.  Such problems can be avoided by research into the proper POS software. A retail POS system is made up of POS software and hardware that allows businesses to record payments, ring up customer orders, and carry out many other operational tasks. 

Harbortouch Checkout POS

Ensures you are in the know when it comes to sales reports, what’s selling and what’s not, and employee attendance. The system will alert you when a particular item is running low. Retail POS software eliminates the need for manual computation. The system makes everything from reporting to email marketing  a lot easier. As you can see, the benefits of a custom POS system are quite compelling. If you’re considering improving the efficiency of your retail business in the areas of sales reporting, inventory management, accounting, customer management, and employee management, the ball is in your court. Revolutionize your business today with a Harbortouch POS system and save time and money. The best thing about the Harbortouch Checkout POS is you’re given the system at NO cost for 30 days. If you don’t like it, you can send it back at no cost to you. With 100,000 satisfied customers, we can assure you that the Harbortouch Checkout POS will not disappoint you. 

  • Retail POS System Features

Inventory Tracking - Retail POS software streamlines inventory tracking by enabling businesses to monitor the quantity on-hand through an online portal, thereby saving you time while ensuring your inventory always stays stocked and organized.

  • Remote Reporting

Harbortouch Checkout POS comes with Lighthouse cloud-based remote management tool that helps businesses to manage the point of sale system for their retail store. With this tool, users can manage employees, view financial statements, manage inventory from a remote location, and much more.  

  • Employee Management

A custom POS system allows businesses to manage employee databases and track employees’ transactions. This system also allows businesses to track commissions for employees. 

  • Sales Tracking

Custom POS system helps businesses to determine what has been sold and what is left in inventory. With this retail POS system, you can know your best-sellers and the most profitable items. You can also view comprehensive sales data on an item-by-item basis and make the necessary changes for increased profits.

  • Shift Scheduling And Time Clock Management

The retail POS software comes with a built-in time clock that enables businesses to schedule employee shifts and determine the number of hours worked.  

Harbortouch CheckOut POS comes with many other advanced features and capabilities, including flexible discounting and bundle pricing, allowing businesses to take full control of operations. 

  • Saves Time And Money

Harbortouch CheckOut POS speeds up the checkout process. Items with a barcode can be scanned and tagged in seconds. This system also allows users to accept payments and perform many other functions from anywhere, anytime. This POS system eliminates manual computation allowing for faster payroll processing. This system automatically computes payroll and prints out payslips for employees. With the Harbortouch CheckOut POS, business owners do not have to dig through receipts. Users can search for transactions using the search tool. 


  • Flexibility

Harbortouch CheckOut POS is advanced and flexible enough to support the unique needs of different types of retail businesses. This system incorporates the latest CRM tools and payment processing methods, making it one of the best POS systems available. You can send customers marketing emails on sales and specials, so updating their information is absolutely easy. With the advanced CRM tools, businesses can know their customers better by tracking their buying habits for purposes of customer rewards and loyalty programs. This system is designed with due consideration that every business is unique; hence it can be used in a wide range of retail establishments. 


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